Ryan Foulkes ’99 and ’10

Ryan Foulkes truly embodies the spirit of a life-long learner. Ryan began his educational journey at Iowa Wesleyan as a traditional student, graduating with an Elementary Education degree in 1999. Since then, Ryan has been a substitute teacher, an EMT, earned his paramedic license, and started working towards a nursing degree. After completing his associate degree in Nursing, he began working at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics in the Cardiovascular Unit. In his time at the university hospital, he was encouraged to earn his BSN. Shortly after that, Ryan returned to Iowa Wesleyan for the second time to graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010.

Since earning his second degree, he continued his education by earning a Master of Science in Nursing from Mount Mercy University in 2011. Ryan then took a position as Assistant Nurse Manager at the University of Iowa in the Emergency Department, where he worked for just over three years. At that point, it was time for a new challenge, so he began earning his Nurse Practitioner certification. Ryan is currently a Nurse Practitioner in Marshalltown, Iowa.

During his time at Iowa Wesleyan, Ryan was involved in Southeast Iowa Band, Jazz Band, Southeast Iowa Symphony, Iowa Wesleyan Choir, Broadstreet Connection, Phi Delta Theta, and the Student Activities Board. Ryan cited Dr. Joel Brown, Dr. Ruth Keraus, and Linda Widmer as people who profoundly influenced his time at Iowa Wesleyan.

The advice Ryan would offer new graduates heading into their careers for the first time is, “The bell does not strike at ten ‘til, and you get to leave class. You will have to stay late. You will have to finish your job. It will affect the next piece of your job. When the bell rings, you can’t just walk out the door. You’ve got to stay and finish up what needs to be finished.”