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Exotic Opportunities for Iowa Wesleyan Students

Iowa Wesleyan named School of Record for Loop Abroad

If you were to ask biology students around the country if they were interested in studying exotic animals in other parts of the world, the answer would be yes; but opportunities are not readily available in the States. Until now.

IW recently became a school of record for Loop Abroad, an international study program for U.S. students spearheaded by Addam and Jane Stine. This program enables students to receive credit hours for their work in the field as they travel to countries including Thailand, Australia, Ecuador and South Africa. The students take part in a pre-veterinary internship and gain experience with exotic animals.

Currently, there are few chances for students in the United States to work with wildlife like cheetahs and elephants, even though there is a growing need for veterinarians who specialize in the care of exotic animals.

According to Iowa Wesleyan University Provost, Dr. DeWayne Frazier, “This is another incredible way to connect our students globally. This opportunity is consistent with our mission and vision for the University. Under the leadership of President Titus and our faculty, we have integrated the science program as an integral part of the plan.”
Iowa Wesleyan’s commitment to providing students with access to comprehensive educational programs has resulted in another amazing opportunity–and facilitated a makeover for our biology major.

Frazier continued, “The newly revamped biology major is growing more rapidly than any major on campus and this partnership with Loop Abroad is a natural progression in our efforts. The program will not only offer Iowa Wesleyan students the unique opportunity to be involved in pre-veterinarian studies as undergraduates but will give them
a unique cross-cultural experience in other world regions.

As a school of record, Iowa Wesleyan gets to make education possible for students around the United States. We are delighted about this partnership and look forward to seeing the potential continue to flourish.”

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Iowa Wesleyan will launch our first global center overseas in February 2019. Thanks to outstanding partnerships with True Global (Australia) and Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeshwara (JSS) Education Foundation (India), Iowa Wesleyan (IW) will be operating in Mauritius, East Africa. IW has received approval from the Tertiary Education Commission and will have the opportunity to offer academic programs and degrees on the campus of JSS Mauritius, located at Vacoas-Phoenix.

Mauritius is a perfect location for Iowa Wesleyan University to launch its first global center. Set off the coast of East Africa, the country of Mauritius is surrounded by the jewel blue Indian Ocean with rainforests and has a population just shy of 1.3 million. Sixty-eight percent of the population is Indian, and the official language of the island is English. The country of Mauritius is also comprised of Creole, Chinese, French, English, and South Africans. Additional languages spoken are French, Mauritian Creole, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bhojpuri, and Hakka.

The University will send faculty from our main campus in Iowa for teaching assignments and will bring faculty from the Mauritius Center to teach in Mount Pleasant. Many of the students in Mauritius will study on the main campus as a part of their curriculum, and IW campus students can also visit the Mauritius Center for study abroad opportunities.

“The current president was a college professor in agriculture and already has a great appreciation for Iowa with our legacy in agricultural production and farm equipment,” said Dr. DeWayne Frazier, Provost. “Iowa Wesleyan will be the first American college or university to operate in Mauritius. The Ministry of Education has a goal to make the island nation an educational hub for South Asians and East Africans.”

The Center of Mauritius is another way IW is moving forward with partnerships to increase global learning for our students as we strengthen our future.